VA - BANANAS[Rodney! Rodney!] '88/10trks. LP


VA - BANANAS[Rodney! Rodney!] '88/10trks. LP *sos(ex-/ex+)


A1 I, Ludicrous Moynihan - Bring Out The Hooligan In Me
A2 Bradford - Skin Storm
A3 Porky The Poet - Beano
A4 The Corn Dollies - This Is Mine
A5 The Man From Delmonte - Water In My Eyes
A6 Too Much Texas - Nobby Stiles (Heart Of Jesus)
B1 Half Man Half Biscuit - I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan
B2 The Waltones - She Looks Right Through Me
B3 Attilla The Stockbroker - Short Sharp Shock ID Card Merger Mania
B4 Dub Sex - Voice Of Reason
B5 The Desert Wolves - Passion In The Afternoon
B6 Frank Sidebottom - Football Medley