Julian Wa - Low Wave [galaxy train]Cassette+DL Code+ 1,000円+税


Julian Wa - Low Wave [galaxy train]Cassette+DL Code+ 1,000円+税


※ナンバリング/インサート/ダウンロードコード/galaxy trainシール入り

Australian based collective JULIAN WA are gearing up to release their new LP LOW WAVE, the follow up to 2017's Self Titled EP & 2020's single run cassette release, ENERGIES.

After the success and international reach of their last releases, JULIAN WA teaming up with Galaxy Train (Japan) & Z Tapes (Slovakia/France) to distribute their first full length release to European & Asian audiences.

LOW WAVE is a collection of JULIAN WA's psychedelic folk meditations. Each track has its own distinctively hazy, other worldly soundscape- perfect for a good set of headphones. LOW WAVE was recorded in a secluded beachside town over the course of about 4 years, with trademark lo-fi DIY recording setup the key to JULIAN WA's off-kilter, serene sound.

Tune in, switch off and zone out to LOW WAVE.


"Shoegaze for days, the psychedelic spaciousness of this is wonderous. Mysterious even, it's cool to be able to step into your world."
-Triple J

"It is so calming, almost like a sedative. Listen to this when you feel stressed out, listen to this when you want to take a minute to just breathe. This is an ambient, intimate experience"

"Psychedelic pop in Australia is at a fever pitch. We were ecstatic with e4444e’s debut EP, ‘Mr Dover and The Endless Rovers’, while No Mono inject their own dark twist into the formula. Julian Wa is now a hopeful contender and one to be watched."
-AAA Backstage