Detergente Líquido - Monta una banda para vender~[galaxy train]11trks.Cassette+DLコード


Detergente Líquido - Monta una banda para vender camisetas[galaxy train]11trks.Cassette+DLコード

初期La Buena Vida系のギターポップ好きは必須作品。南スペインの古い港町カディスで結成された男女ボーカル・インディーポップバンド。2013年から2020年最新EPまで選りすぐりの11曲をあつめたこのカセットだけのコンピレーション。
90’sのスパニッシュギターポップバンドの流れをくむような切なさときらめき感の絶妙なバランス。The Lucksmithsのような唄心。前編スペイン語の美しい響き。
デジタルダウンロードには”El que piensa en irse, es que ya no está"の日本語バージョンをこの作品の為に急遽録音しボーナストラックとして追加 !! 日本先行リリース

Detergente Líquido BIO

“Detergente Líquido” started in Cádiz (southern Spain) in 2012 from the remains of some other local underground bands. From their very first EP in 2013, they are showing three main wisdoms: well crafted lyrics, catchy melodies and a brutally indie way of doing their stuff. Since then, they have self edited three LPs and several EPs, being “Tú tampoco eres como antes” (You neither are as you used to) the latest one, released on february 2020. In the way, and always with the “do it yourself” premise on their mind and 700kms away from where “ the things happens” in Spain, they have managed to be present in some of the more important festivals such as Sonorama, Contempopránea or Monkey Week, as well as perform lots of gigs all over the country and gather a growing and very loyal fan base. There is no musical event in Spain where you cannot find someone with a “Detergente Líquido” tee, even they are not in the festival roster.
In their first LP, “Ponte en lo peor. Llámame el lunes [2015]” (Prepare for the the worst. Call me next Monday) they developed their popiest songs, sticky like honey but with bitter messages. In their next work “Mirad lo que me habéis hecho hacer. Por favor” [2017] (Look what you have made me to do. Please) the music keeps its catchy mood but it’s more arranged. Each song breath a different air, while lyrics are even more dark and honest.
Their third work, “Con miedo al amor por las personas sin tiempo [2018]” (Being afraid of love of people with no time) shows a band close to its maturing time. Songs are deeper and selfish, but what they explain, being the problems of one man, are the problems of a complete generation. Their latest work “Tú tampoco eres como antes [2020]” (You neither are as you used to) is a 4 songs EP where the band has stopped to carefully study every note of every arrangement, creating one of the most important song collections on their kind.
The songs in “Monta una banda para vender camisetas [Galaxy Train Records, 2020]” (Start a band to sell tees) come from all these records, and also from other EPs of the band.
“Detergente Líquido” are Laura Arias, Fran Muñoz, Ernie Rodríguez, Félix García and Alberto Rodway, and they are right now preparing new songs just to make you think, empathise, thrill and also dance.