VA - THE SOUND OF LEAMINGTON SPA VOL.9 [firestation/ger]20trks.2LP ltd.3oo only(PRE-ORDER/ご予約品)


VA - THE SOUND OF LEAMINGTON SPA VOL.9 [firestation records/ger]20trks.2LP ltd.3oo only 3,850YEN 税込

発売日:2018/10/20 現地

オブスキュア・ネオアコ満載♪ 聞いたことすらないバンドも入っていて気になりますが、激レアなThe Flex、The Fountains、Public Address、Queue Dance、A Game OF Soldiers、Ice Factoryは間違いなく目玉でしょう。アナログ盤にはシークレット・トラックがあるらしいです(謎) こちらも限定300枚で2枚組となります。

入荷は月末になると思います、今月末のレア盤放出に併せての発送も可能 (ショートの無い早い者順なのでご決済はお願いします)

the vinyl version will contain one secret bonus track.
The Flex – You Lose
The Persuaders – You Turn Me On (1986)
Chinese Gangster Element – Joey
Fragile – Time To Be Together
Moloko+ - Never Know What You've Got
Spish – Honesty
The Fontaines – I Want Everything
Public Address – James Dean
Queue Dance – Crumbling Town
Circus X3 – Man Like You
This Certain Kind – Unfortunate
Daniel Takes A Train – Wonderland (Original)
Cajun Moon – In The Waves
A Game Of Soldiers – Big Bad Money World
3 Boys & A Girl – I'll Be Standing There
Ice Factory – Jerusalem
The Dancing Bears – The Lonliest Sound
Future World Moves – Wednesday
Work – That Certain Feeling
Ten Million Quentins – He's Not Smiling